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Being successful on Google can create thousands of direct leads and sales, and our SEO team
are here to help your business get discovered.

SEO - Get Discovered!


Get Discovered!

SEO is a vast field but the bottom line is to get as many websites linking to your website as possible. This needs to be done ethically and in line with Google’s TOS.

This is what our SEO partner specialise in and their knowledge and skill sets will help your website to get discovered making our team a valuable partner to every company we work with.




Measure your success!

Our SEO team will look at Google Analytics and WMT to see how your website is performing and what areas can be improved. If improvements/changes are needed we then implement these.

This is a useful audit and it displays how your website compares to competitors who are in the top 3 positions on Google for your keywords. This can be useful as it highlights areas that you need to improve to compete.


Copy Writing

It’s how you say it!

Our SEO team specialises in writing content containing SEO keywords. They’re also familiar with persuasion and psychological techniques for writing landing page content.

They will look for publicity opportunities that encourage a specific market of websites/bloggers that are likely to link to the brand. This could be charities, events etc and they use their online knowledge to recommend strategies for all social platforms.